Standardized patients

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Standardized patients (2016-)


Standardized patients is an arts-based research study into the work and world of standardized patients in medical education. It explores how the standardized patients are trained to portray various case scenarios, and ways they encounter the medical students in a standardized fashion. This film- and performance-based inquiry focuses especially on the standardized patients’ role in the learning context of ‘breaking bad news’, their repetitious yet real-time adaptable series of student encounters, as well as how their performances are monitored and assessed. Standardized patients are being observed and interviewed at the Surgical and Clinical Skills Center in the University of Texas medical school.

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In collaboration with Dr. Kirsten Ostherr at Rice University, and University of Texas Medical School in Houston.

Sub-project in the Academy Research Fellow project (2015-2020) Video scenarios in medical education Thanks to Surgical and Clinical Skills Center at the University of Texas