Academy Research Fellow  (2015-2020) Video Scenarios in Medical Education
Current sub-projects:
Vaccine project (2015-2018)
In collaboration with Dr. Johan Holst, Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Standardized patients (2016-)
The project explores how the standardized patients are trained to portray various case scenarios in medical education, and the ways they encounter medical students in a scripted fashion. This film- and performance-based inquiry focuses especially on the standardized patients’ role in the learning context of ‘breaking bad news’, their repetitious yet real-time adaptable student encounters, as well as how their performances are being monitored and assessed.

In collaboration with Prof. Dr. Kirsten Ostherr, Rice University/University of Texas
Enactive patient (2015-)

The enactive patient (EP) is a hyper-real virtual avatar developed for medical education. EP includes facial close-ups of avatar characters and audio scenarios of challenging medical cases. The medical student sits face-to-face with a screen-based virtual patient, which responds to the student’s biofeedback in real time. The avatar’s face reflects this input, forming a mirror-like loop between the student’s facial expression and other biofeedback data. The developed audio scenarios will represent the non-linear and polyphonic characteristics of actual medical practice, balancing between professional desensitization and maintenance of necessary emphatic capacities.

In collaboration with Dr. Pia Tikka, Aalto University