Systems-based body

collage Digital C-print, collage
Dimensions: 41 x 246 cm
The collage belongs to a series of artworks resulting from an arts-based inquiry conducted at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry in 2011. The images are created collaboratively with the medical students and educators, as they were invited to form a body part with their hands. The collage is an imaginative portrayal of the so-called systems-based curriculum offered at the U of A medical school, compartmentalizing various organ systems and body parts in their own blocks...

With thanks to all of those who participated in the arts-based inquiry,
including: Kerry Atkins, Melanie Bodnar, Chantelle Bowden, Pamela Brett-MacLean, Sarah Forgie, Marie Gojmerac, Sachin Rathee, Shirlee Ren, Lynora Saxinger, Urooj Siddiqui, Trish Sigurdson, Jonathan White, Tim Winton.



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