Screenshot1_KKConversations with vaccine-critical parents        

Film (2017) Duration 16:40

The film is a poetic documentary, based on interviews with vaccine-critical parents and their home videos in the Netherlands and Finland. It explores the health beliefs and concepts backgrounding the parents’ vaccine criticism, such as their understanding of the immune system and the importance of illness in a child’s development, as well as their definitions of “natural”. The parents’ perceptions of health have been interpreted in arts-based diagrams and discussed with a vaccine researcher Johan Holst from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. This work is part of the Academy Research Fellow project of Kaisu Koski, funded by the Academy of Finland, developing arts-based cinematic representations of the patient and the doctor in medical education. The film has been pilot-tested in medical education at the Tampere University in August 2016.


Theory of illness #1-4      

Premium Fine-Art Print, Forex mount
Dimensions: 40 x 60 cm

Diagrammatic interpretations of vaccine-critical parents’ health beliefs.