Vaccine hesitancy (2015-2018)
In collaboration with Dr. Johan Holst, Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Human simulation (2016-2019)
The project explores how standardized patients are trained to portray various case scenarios in medical education, and the ways they encounter medical students in a scripted fashion. This film- and performance-based inquiry focuses especially on the standardized patients’ role in the learning context of ‘breaking bad news’.
In collaboration with Professor Kirsten Ostherr, Rice University/University of Texas

Surgical skills (2019-)
Clinical Crafts is an initiative creating instructional films and objects to explore various cruelty-free materials and performativity in surgical education. The project emerges from an interest in surgical skills, ASMR, and arts-based methods in clinical education.
In collaboration with Anne van Veen, Utrecht University
Clinical Crafts I

Empathy (2019-2020)
This film-based inquiry explores the techniques and concepts used in medical education to teach about empathy.
In collaboration with clinical teachers Merete Jørgensen and Melissa Lutterodt, University of Copenhagen
Rehearsals for Empathy