Dr. Kaisu Koski is a cross-disciplinary artist with a background in performance, film, and biological materials. Her work focuses on climate crisis mitigation/adaptation, multispecies relationships, and the art-science methodology. She has previously conducted fellowships in medical schools In North America and Europe and developed films for medical curricula on topics such as vaccine-hesitancy and breaking bad news. Her scholarly work has been published in journals such as Leonardo, Simulation in Healthcare, and the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry. Kaisu’s work has been exhibited and performed in gallery shows and theaters in more than 30 countries and has received multiple awards in the film festival circuit. These include venues such as Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Lawndale Art Center of Houston, WHO/UNAIDS, Estonian Museum of Applied Arts, UNESCO Art&Science, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art, and Helsinki International Film Festival. She has received numerous grants for her scholarly and artistic work, including organizations such as the Academy of Finland, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, and the Portuguese National Science Foundation. She serves as an expert evaluator in the European Commission Horizon Programme and UKRI. In 2020, Kaisu initiated the Citizen Surgery Collective, an interdisciplinary practice-based research group consisting of artists, critical posthumanists, and anthropologists. Their work concerns surgical literacy, sensory skills acquisition, and the relationship between (non)human animal bodies and food. Kaisu is an Associate Professor of Art and Design at Lab4Living at Sheffield Hallam University. 

Photo credit: Noémie Soula.